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Preferred Applicators

Whether building anew or restoring the old when it comes to plaster interiors it is of utmost importance to have a team of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen on your side. Below is a list of the firms from around the country that have worked with the Master of Plaster materials throughout their careers. Please call us if you would like suggestions on qualified individuals to assist with your project in your locale.

Specialty Plastering – Based out of New Jersey, Specialty Plastering has established itself as one of the premier plastering restoration firms in the States. Under David Smith’s leadership the firm also specializes in upscale residential and commercial interiors. The firm travels but concentrates their projects in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York regions.

Dillon Construction Services – With offices located in South Carolina, DCS specializes in historic restoration as well as high end design throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. Known for their expertise in lime stuccos, plasters, and mortars – the reputation of this firm is highly sought after in both new and restorative work.

The Polart Group – Experts in high end finishes, the Polart Group is run under the masterful eye of Wesley Armatowski. Located in Connecticut, Wesley’s work is seen gracing the interiors of many upscale commercial projects and private residences in and throughout the NYC, NJ, and CT areas.

Silver Hill Atelier – Based out of New York but traveling throughout the world for projects, this design firm is known for their creative and cutting edge wall finishes and installations. Focusing on commercial interiors, Silver Hill does not shy away from color or texture rather incorporating and expounding upon these elements in their design creations.

Felix Chavez, Inc. – A fine arts decorative firm based out of Long Island, NY; Felix Chavez, Inc. specializes in the preservation, conservation, and restoration of historic interiors. Their extensive repertoire of work can be seen throughout the NorthEast region of the United States and they are sought after for their expertise and unique eye for detailed designs.

Architectural Sculpture and Restoration, Inc. – Or best known as ASRNY, this firm operating out of NY specializes in high end interiors. From clients such as Carolina Herrera and Tommy Hilfiger to Oscar de la Renta, the artisans at ASR are experts at creating stunning finishes with their material of choice – plaster.

The Durable Restoration Company  – One of the country’s most respected historic preservation firms, Durable Restoration is based out of Ohio with offices covering the SE from Maryland to Florida and New Orleans to Kentucky. Comprised of a team of expert artisans, craftsmen, and architectural engineers; Durable offers unparalleled work all the way from the initial design phase to the completion of every project.

The Art of Plaster – Specializing in fine plaster interiors, Gabriel Franklin is known throughout the NorthEast as an artisan with an eye for texture and color. Working with plasters as his choice of medium, Gabe creates close relationships with his clients in order to craft the most stunning and unique interior surfaces.

Kamp Studios – Kamp Studios of New York City is a collaborative effort of artistic minds that focus on creating richer interior experiences by emphasizing color, texture, and movement. Interior surfaces are created based on user experience and their work is a complex array of artistic innovations.

Alta Construction – Founded in Corona, California; Alta specializes in the development and construction of upscale commercial interiors, providing services for Bloomingdale’s, Nieman Marcus, and Gucci to name a few. They are also known for their corporate interior creations and serve as a principle West Coast applicator of MOP.

Lance Meyers Decorative Painting – Lance’s work can be seen throughout the United States. Highly sought after for his expertise in decorative finishes, Lance bases his operations out of Tulsa, Oklahoma but travels extensively throughout the States to create stunning interior surfaces. His mastery of multiple materials is used exclusively in residential and religious interiors.

Moxeley Plastering – Serving the Georgia region, Paul Moxeley is known throughout the trades as an expert craftsman in both ornamental and flat wall plaster preservation. Beginning in the trades at age 11, Paul and his team bring decades of training to the fold.

Haynes Construction – Serving the North Carolina region, Haynes Construction specializes in both Historical Restoration work as well as high end design. Dale Hayne’s team focuses work in the coastal regions surrounding Wilmington but travel extensively to share their expertise and attention to detail on numerous client’s projects.

Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc. – Established in 1946 and operating out of the Connecticut region, Kronenberger is a 3 generation family firm that specializes in the preservation, restoration, and adaptive re-use of historic structures. With years of experience with the MOP plasters, Kronenberger prides itself on using the highest quality of materials and providing the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Specialty Finishes – Based out of Dallas, Texas – Brad Rhodes has an extensive working knowledge and understanding of the MOP line of plasters. Serving the Texas region, Brad’s main focus is on high end residential design, teaming with some of the world’s most renowned Interior Designers to create stunning interiors with the MOP plaster lines.

Mulcahy Nickolaus – A team of veteran and experienced plasterers – the firm of Mulcahy Nickolaus maintains a large repertoire of work in both the preservation and new design trades. Based out of Oakdale, Minnesota, the firm serves the surrounding areas.

Second Wind Solutions, Inc. – Led by Lee La Fevre, Second Wind Solutions works throughout North Carolina on large scale preservation projects with an emphasis on interiors.

Liz Douglas Designs – Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Douglas Designs has a focus on high end interior finishes using craftsmanship and a skilled eye for color and texture to create her interior finishes.

Perfection Painting and Plastering – Peter Radakovich is known throughout the Ohio region as an expert in Interior church design. With a focus in interiors, his restoration and preservation work can be seen throughout Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia.

Bisson Plastering – Ron Bisson is the founder and head of Bisson Plastering serving the Vermont and surrounding New England regions. With a focus in high end design, the Bisson team focus on upscale interiors for private residences.

3 Visions Contracting – Based out of Baltimore, MD 3 Visions is a plastering firm that operates in the DC/Northern Virginia/Baltimore area. Years of expertise and a storied staff, 3 Visions works in both the Restoration fields and the New Design.

Doyle Terry Artworks – A Dallas based artist, Doyle has an exceptional eye for design and interior color. With a refined palette and skills that were honed for many years studying under the masters of Italy, Doyle brings an artistic eye to all of his wall creations. Mastery of skill allows Doyle to create the most stunning Venetian Plaster creations.

 Diane Killeen Painting Studios – A native of New Orleans, Diane is an expert in fine finishes ranging from murals to the MOP Venetian Plasters to Gold Gilding and Silver Leafing. Her work can be seen in extensive projects throughout the beautiful city of New Orleans and the surrounding environs.

Faust Plastering – Joe Faust is at the forefront of the green design/build evolution in Charleston County. His interior finishes are subtle and stunning at the same time and he works extensively within the trowel trades crafting some of the healthiest and loveliest interior spaces in the SouthEast region.

Suzanne Allen Studios – With her roots in the faux finishing trades, Suzanne has an exceptional eye for color and texture. Her work can be seen throughout the interiors of Charleston, ranging from architectural finishes to flooring and furniture work. Her transition to working with the authentic MOP formulations has been seamless and fluid and her design aesthetic is impeccable.

Hyde Park Mouldings – Renowned for their work in the ornamental plaster craft, Hyde Park has expanded their operations to include high end artistic finishes. Under the artful eye of David Gardiner Hyde Park is delving into the realm of decorative finishes and works exclusively throughout the Luxury markets in both the commercial and residential realm.