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A specific formula designed for resurfacing, restoring, and repairing existing plaster surfaces.  All patch work, including the use of plaster washers, screws, and fiberglass mesh tape, should be carried out to reinforce the existing wall and ceiling systems. After necessary structural repairs are completed, the Base coat and Finish coat Restoration system allows you to tie in all repair work seamlessly to create a unified, flawless plaster façade.  Used to achieve either a smooth or textured flat wall surface that can then be painted or remain as the natural plaster surface. This unique composition is maintained as the only historically accurate plaster designed specifically for restoring existing plaster surfaces. Ships in the natural base white color.

To maintain historical authenticity either a 2 coat application of the base (providing for a very fine, slight tooth and texture) should be used or a 2 coat application of the base followed by a single coat application of the finish should be carried out. (Providing for a smooth, fine finish surface that is void of any texture).

Download Technical Sheet

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Restoration Finish

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Restoration Base