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Restore and Preserve

A highly impassioned profession – the restoration and preservation of our country’s shared urban fabric can at times be a hotbed of tensions. With demolition such a common occurrence these days and the rising cost of funds required to maintain historic structures, preservation can be somewhat controversial. It is important to recognize why we, as a society, feel the need to preserve. Many are under the misconception that we preserve structures simply due to the associated notoriety and fame. However, the true reason we preserve is because we understand that sometimes the memories tied up within a structure, or a landscape, or a space – are greater in value than just basic economics.

There is an intrinsic value present within a building that builds over the years – these structures are not ours to own but rather are ours to steward into the next generation for those who come after us to enjoy. The materials used, the craftsmen employed, the time and energy and the labor of love involved – this is why we preserve. This is why we restore. This is why we work hard to carry on a legacy of the trades and the crafts. To learn more about the outreach and education we carry on here at MOP please contact us directly – demonstrations, lectures, and hands on workshops are all elements that are part of our active outreach programs. We enjoy working with the local community – please inquire about having us join your next educational program!