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The Designs

From historic restoration work to innovative design, natural plasters offer limitless creativity for both clients and applicators alike.  From our slaked lime putty finishes to our crushed limestone aggregate base coats, textures abound and depths of hues can be achieved as with no other material. Unlike acrylic, clay, and gypsum plasters and paints; lime plasters are fluid materials that transform in different lightings and at different times of the day.

These materials create unique and evolving spaces that do not serve as static backdrops but rather as foundation surfaces from which to build incredible interior spaces. Design methods and applications are up to the designer and the creativity of lime far surpasses other interior coatings. Our in-house designers are thrilled by new challenges and new ideas and love working to create the most exceptional interiors – if you have questions on certain application techniques please reach out to us – we are happy to discuss and assist working through the processes.