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The Team

Kirk Parker

As the owner and Head Technical Consultant here at MOP, Kirk brings over 30 years of experience in both the plastering and stucco trades. Upon moving to South Carolina in 1988, Kirk founded and created a firm specializing in all aspects of Interior and Exterior lime applications – whether it be historical mortars and tuckpointing or high end Venetian Plaster finishes, his expertise is unequaled. He has completed training throughout his career with master craftsmen across the country and continues to surround himself with experts in the field. He has a love of the historic and a passion for restoring these structures using the most authentic materials and applications. Ensuring the longevity of historic structures for generations to come is of utmost importance. His office expanded from Columbia to Charleston after the devastating Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and he has thus since worked to restore many of the country’s most prestigious historic structures along the East Coast. After working with the MOP plasters for many years and becoming close friends with the founder, Kirk decided in 2006 to become involved with the firm in order to ensure the formulations of these unique plasters are passed on to the next generations.

Kirk enjoys working with architects and designers from the outset of projects – collaboration is key to maintaining the integrity of a structure’s overall design and his commitment to his client’s success is unmatched. Working with local and state wide historic foundations on unique projects brings new challenges he enjoys and he is always eager to assist individual home-owners in relaying the appropriate plaster preservation techniques for their specific projects. The numerous awards Kirk has received throughout his prolific career help speak to his level of expertise and to the integrity and craftsmanship of his work. A few of these awards are:

  • Samuel Gaillard Stoney Conservation Craftsmanship Award
  • Carolopolis Award presented by the Preservation Society of Charleston
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award
  • Historic Preservation Honor Award presented by the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation
  • 2003 National Preservation Honor Award presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • South Carolina Historic Preservation Honor Award



Lauren Michelle

Lauren brings an elegance and a finesse to the team here at MOP. Her love of modern designs as well as a passion for historic structures gives her insight into the creativity that can be achieved using lime plasters as interior finishes. She also brings her passion for the hand-crafted and American made to life here at MOP with her specialization in ornamental plaster restoration and creation. Working on a number of high profile projects – both restoration and new design, Lauren has established herself as a leading expert in the realm of ornamental plaster and attributes her success on her attention to detail and her patience when working with the materials.  Understanding the materials is of utmost importance – “having a working knowledge of the chemistry and the science of plasters is what enables us to configure the materials to create the most expressive interiors”. She loves seeing the effect man’s hand can have on a material and views the work as one of the highest degrees of artistic expression.

As the in-house color specialist, Lauren works closely with clients to help create and achieve the most refined color palette and unique design applications required of each specific project. Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and created with lime plasters is what excites Lauren and seeing a design aesthetic come together at the end of a project is a joy in which she revels. With a degree from Virginia Tech’s school of Architecture – evolved from the Bauhaus school of design – she values the creation of abstract design but understands the importance of context and historical integrity. Her love of plaster was first developed when living and studying in Dublin, Ireland and she credits the stunning Georgian interiors as inspiration to pursue a career in saving original plaster interiors and creating new designs for the Master of Plaster clientele.

Outreach and Education:

  • 2015 – 2017 Palladium Society President
  • 2015 USGBC Annual Convention Break-out Panelist/Presenter – Washington, DC
  • 2015 UK Plasterers Gathering Presenter – Lincolnshire, England
  • 2014 – 2016 Palladium Society Board Member
  • 2014 National Trust for Historic Preservation Annual Convention Exhibitor – Savannah, GA
  • 2013 South Carolina Historic Preservation Conference Presenter – Columbia, SC
  • Historic Columbia Foundation Brennen Building Grand Re-Opening Presenter – Columbia, SC
  • 2012/2013 NAPW Female of the Year (National Association of Professional Women)
  • 2011 Preservation Trades Network IPTW Demonstrator (International Preservation Trades Workshop) – Lancaster, PA
  • Study/Training/Workshops – France, Italy, Spain, Ireland : 2007/2010 /2011

Projects of note:

  • 4 South Battery Street – Charleston, SC
  • Louis Bacon Estate – North Carolina
  • Murdoch Estate – Long Island, NY
  • President’s Office, College of Charleston – Charleston, SC
  • LongBrow Plantation – GreenPond, SC
  • Barnwell College, Historic Horseshoe – USC
  • McLeod Plantation – Charleston, SC
  • National Historic Register Site – Augusta, GA
  • Orton Plantation – Winnabow, NC
  • City Hall County Council Chambers – Columbia, SC



Diane Marie

Diane serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the MOP team. As a CPA, her organizational skills are unparalleled. The day to day functions are kept in check by Diane and she is able to bring structure and order to all of the creative minds that comprise the MOP team – not an easy feat by any means. She has a deep rooted passion for historic structures and is always excited by the different projects that are carried out here at MOP. Visiting the structures that are restored and created a new using the plasters crafted here is one of her favorite joys and she always makes time to discuss the projects with any and all. When she isn’t running or horse-back riding she can be found enjoying the vibrancy of urban downtowns or cheering on her alma mater – the Auburn Tigers.