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A Firm Founded in History

Plasters Enriched With Time

Finishes That Elevate Design

Surfaces with Endless Expression


“It is refreshing and inspiring to receive such excellent services from people who care about their product and their customers’ success.”

“The product is great; I shudder when I think of the plaster walls I could have saved that are now in the landfill, never mind the dust my poor lungs took in, if I had only known about this product sooner.”

“We finished all the new walls, ceilings, and over coated the majority of the old walls in the public spaces at the Dock Street Theatre with the MOP and it looks perfect.”

“It looks SO beautiful! … That final coat is like magic! I am completely in love with it!”

“Clearly, Master of Plaster is a company which goes far out of its way to serve and guide their clients, no matter how small.”

“The product is fantastic…my first finished wall looks like glass!!!”

“This whole process has been extremely gratifying. I thank you a thousand times over for an incredible product and business run by outstanding, considerate professional individuals.”

“Once again, the product is proving to be amazing – versatile, forgiving, and so easy to work with. …Thanks for a great product”

“…the MOP is absolutely beautiful and once people see it they fall in love with it.”

“I can’t believe we would have gotten a comparable result with any other material, no matter how carefully it was applied. I have already started recommending your product.”

“Once people see it, it is hard to get that look out of their minds and the Level 5, no matter how perfect it is, does not come close to this look…”

“I’m as satisfied and impressed by Master of Plaster as I have ever been with any business. After all, I went from literally knowing nothing about plaster wall construction to repairing damage down to the lathe and laying on coats of plaster. Both you and Kirk were of incalculable assistance in the process.”

“Your plaster in many ways is wonderful – setting both inside and outside corners is a dream and the fact that you can stop and restart is amazing. The look of your plaster is amazing – I know a great wall finish when I see one.”

“…the finish coat is magic, I swear! It hid everything!!!”


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